Lets start in the Big 10, I think the Huskers have a great shot at being in the league championship game. But improvements must be made on both sides of the ball. The Blackshirts need their swagger back and they lose leadership at every level on defense. So will anyone step up? Any chance a true freshman starts on defense? The offense needs more improvement to play consistently well. It starts at QB with Martinez. T Mart will have to improve at least as much in 2012 as he did from 2010 to 2011. The receivers need to help Martinez out too. Burkhead is proven and the offensive line should not drop off from 2011. Look for one of the younger RB's to step up his game.

Nationally, is anyone's guess. The Huskers have the talent to be a solid top 10 team maybe even more. But until Coach Bo and the Husker staff get this team hitting on all cylinders all the time (most of the time?) the Huskers will be a 10-25 team.

I think Coach Bo learned his seasons well last season. He knows he needs more production on both sides of the ball. To do that he may have to rely on some younger kids. in 2011 Coach was very reluctant to do that. I don't think that will be the case in 2012.